SAP Business One – The beginning

An ERP solution which has eased the company processes manifolds is the brainchild of Gadi Shamia, currently the VP of sales for SAP. He along with Reuven Agassi (CEO) have paved the path of many industries for better and more streamline flow of operations. It was launched in Israel in 1996 under the name “Menahel” (Manager in English) or “TopManage” for countries out of Israel. In the very beginning, TopManage was sold only Israeli market and was the pioneer Windows/Mac business management product to be offered in the Israeli market. The niche was then soon explored and the demand for it came all across the globe. Thus, from 2000 TopManage started its global excansion to markets in Europe and Latin America. Finally, in March 2002, TopManage Finacial Systems was acquired and was branded to ‘SAP Business One’. This resulted SAP to reach out to small markets and hence have a larger audience base.

The first versions backed up on 88 MB tape, while today the size of the application is ~ 10 GB.

SAP Business One has evolved over the years since then. Since its inception it has taken the world of ERP by storm. First targeting the IT sector and now in all the areas of Prodution, Manufacturing , Traders, Service Providers and many more. SAP Business One truly engulf the business in itself and like the nervous system of the body, SAP Business One keeps the business up and running. Vital organs (Plant operations, Accounts) are kept in check and the brain (SAP Control Center) sends the signals when required.

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