The Tale

Parth a name given by Lord Krishna to Arjun. The person who never misses his target. Parth has been a key player and a protagonist alongside Krishna in the ancient Indian epic, Mahabharata. With his wits and precision he has proven time and day again to be better than anyone else, never failing to accomplish his objectives and always dedicated to the cause. Always had more than he showed and talked less than he knew, humble. Always kind hearted and a loyal sage. Under Drona’s tutelage, the Kauravas and the Pandavas, along with the princes of Hastinapura’s allies and vassals, he learned weaponry and mastering the art of using the bow and arrow. Arjuna became Drona’s favourite and his most accomplished pupil. In a notable incident, Drona deemed that out of all his students, none but Arjuna had the staunch focus to shoot the eye of a bird on a tree; he was proven right. Similarly like Arjun, we at Parth Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. understand the importance of achieving our targets and meeting expectations. With a decade long expertise in delivering the best services and support we, like Arjuna have been resilient and focused to giving our client a rich and varied experience in the implementation of Enterprise business solutions which includes Consultancy, Development, Design, Implementation and Training. We imbibe value to our customers by providing them with an excellent understanding of their business processes, eventually taking them to the top of their game. We follow a meticulously thorough methodology that enables our customers to explore and inculcate the benefits of generating value in stipulated time and in a cost-effective manner.

Our expertise in delivering the best ERP services is class apart as we hold a firm hold on all three segments of ERP solution, namely, Tally, SAP and RAMCO. With our technically equipped fleet of troops ready to be deployed at the first sight of support, we have an excellent track record in the response rate to help our clients in need. It’s not just the tangible purchase but the intangible commitment we take pride in.

“We simplify complexity; we make it as easy as A B C.”

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