SAP Business One is a revolutionary ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning system for small and medium business across the globe. Get introduced to new functionalities and  improvements with this system. What is new about SAP Business One 9.3?

Few updates in the new SAP Business One 9.3

  • Inclusion of ‘routing’ – Inclusion of ‘routing’ in the production module of SAP Business One. With the useful feature, businesses need not invest in an add-on instead meet their production requirements easily.
  • Return Merchandise Authorization Management – RMA or Return Merchandise Authorization Management is a new feature added to Business One. The document can be issued for return of purchased products, if the customers are dissatisfied with it. RMA document can be generated from menu, service call or delivery.
  • Inclusion of updates for project management – This allows better management of project with added advantages. Ex: With the inclusion of this feature, it is possible to procure more accurate project cost analysis.
  • Added Authorization management – The simplification of Authorization allows users to change their authorization settings with the inclusion of new options for the same. There are benefits for Authorization Management. It allows easy management of temporary authorizations. It is also possible to apply form default form setting to user groups.
  • Simplification of CRM processes


Sales, Purchasing and Service Features of Business One 9.3

There are plenty of new features and functionalities for SAP Business One 9.3 in the sales, purchasing and service segment. Consider these features for leveraging your businesses.

  • Return Material Agreement – Create a Goods Return Request. The return document comprises of return reason, prices and confirmed quantities. It enables managing and tracking return processes. Moreover, return process can be triggered based on service calls.
  • New features in Gross Price Mode – Include in documents the Gross or Net price. You can also maintain the Gross or Net pricelists. The benefitof this feature is that it supports retail businesses.
  •  Define Unit Price – It is also possible to define the unit price of a certain item. This provides the accurate price for items with smaller value. You can also allot special prices for a product for a particular period. Such flexible pricing option has good benefits for the business owners.
  • Manage campaigns easily – Generate, save and execute campaigns while managing the authorizations easily.


Project Management Features of Business One 9.3

  • Billing Projects – Bill your projects using New Billing Document Generation Wizard. Users can get a holistic view of projects and avail complete details of every project. Boost your efficiency using this feature.
  • Visualize project with Gantt Chart – You can easily visualize tour entire project using the newly introduced Gant Chart. Using this feature improve your productivity.

SAP Business One partners have the competence and provide the best SAP Business One Consulting in the country.  SAP software is affordable and can be used as a payroll software for small businesses too. Consider the advantages and highlights of the SAP Business One 9.3 and leverage your business. With its latest features and benefits, SAP Business One 9.3 can dynamically transform your businesses.