Pros & cons of traditional ERP’s with respect to next generation ERP’s
SAP Business One


Having an understanding for initial needs of small & midsized business, SAP Business One is mainly designed and fictionalized as per there suitability.

It implements & offers an efficient integrated system which supports their accounting, customer management, purchasing, inventory & distribution functions of the organization. It helps to provide accurate information of complex business processes. Employees are able to access the data and can even customize as per the suitability of their requirement.

Company who want to grow more than accountability, SAP Business One ERP is the best option to go for. It becomes easy & transparent to share the information on various departments for both owners as well as authorized employee of the organization.

SAP Business One is able to avoid limitation of various small sized business functions by making the business metrics easily available. This also helps to manage the various functions effortlessly as well as conveniently.

Here, you also get liberty to add customized function as per your requirement suitability. As SAP Business One grows along with your business you can upgrade your solution by adding new advance version of SAP Business One.


• Misconception of being costly & complex for SMEs: As SAP is mainly associated for tier 1 ERP solution, it mostly considered as complex business process & operation which makes small business to think for going to this solution.

• Limitation of selection: Being conscious about the spending, mostly SME business tries to choose on modules as the requirement. In SAP you have to go with all module functions as provided. You can only opt for CRM function if you wished to do so.

• Unavailable Payroll: Payroll management is not included in SAP Business One. Hence, this specific module you may need to buy from third party and have to maintain the integration between two.

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