Partnering with Spine Technologies, Parth Infotech offers you 3 HR suites that take care of your resources. Spine HR, Spine Payroll and Spine Assets. Human resource is probably the backbone of any business and thus it makes it vital that managing this resource is given importance. To manage it you require a proper process in plan that caters to every aspect involved in working of this resource. From salaries to travel expenses, TDS filing to FnF, all of this requires a streamlined software that saves time and improves efficiency in the business. Parth Infotech in partnering with Spine Technologies wants to help businesses with the management of its human resource by offering a complete HR suite to take care of all thing that deal with the word ‘Human Resource’.

Benefits of Spine Products


The primary benefit of Spine HR Suite is cost savings. Self-service is another avenue for reducing human resource and payroll services costs. Employees with access to Spine HR Suite can answer many of their own questions independently, which translates into a reduction in phone calls to human resources and payroll departments. And because self-service enables employees and the HR department to update information online, the cost of paper forms, postage, and paper-based processes are reduced, or at times, completely eliminated.


Oftentimes, cost avoidance is put under the same column as cost savings, but in reality they’re different. Cost savings is when an existing expense is reduced or eliminated from the books. For example, leave application and attendance regularization no longer needs to be printed, because of Spine HR Suite savings occur because paper and printing expenses are eliminated. On the other hand, cost avoidance is when a potential expense never comes to fruition.
For example, employees self-service can eliminate future plans for department headcount increases because more employees can receive satisfactory service without the help of an HR staff member.


Because Spine HR Suite allows employees to access their work and benefits information online, from any browser, they can log on to find the answers they need.


This is another benefit related to the web-accessibility of self-service. Getting questions answered or issues addressed during normal work hours is a challenge, but with a self-service portal, employees can rest easier at night when a question arises. No more sleepless nights for employees or HR managers concerned about their company’s employees’ needs being met.


Interoffice mail can make the process of updating simple employee data a chore. And postage is costly. But Spine HR Suite speeds up this process and eliminates postal costs. Besides, employees are in the best position to update their own information, which eliminates unnecessary processing by an HR staffer and reduced human error during data input.


Departmental or business managers already have the challenge of maintaining profitability. Submitting new hire, performance review, and salary increase information to HR using manual processes takes time away for more profitable endeavours. Spine HR Suite streamlines this process, and HR forms that need updating can automatically be sent to appropriate HR manager for his or her approval.


When systems are easy to use, your workforce will adopt and use it. And because Spine HR Suite facilitates intersystem communication, is much less room for error because manual processes are eliminated.


In this age, where consumers care more about sustainability and green business, self-service can help support any organization’s green initiatives. More than reduction in paper use, Spine HR Suite also eliminates needless travel time for international employees reporting to headquarters thousands of miles away, which helps to reduce their carbon footprint.


Spine HR Suite allows employees to view their schedules, and make changes as needed, minimizing their time in completing laborious paperwork. They can also enter a leave request and view the status from anywhere, at any time. This results in reduced employee turnover, lower absenteeism, and happier workers.


Spine HR Suite provides a platform for connecting your workforce to your business process because employees can set their email preferences to receive updates or log on at anytime. Employee Spine HR Suite serves as a great tool to keep employees up-to-date on the goings on within your organization.

Spine Core Products

HR Suits

A complete human resource management software, from hire to retire or relieve.


  • Spine EIS & Payroll
  • Employee Self Service Module (eSSM)
  • eSSM Advance
  • Employee Life Cycle
  • Workflow
  • Leave Management
  • Time Attendance Management
  • Claim / Reimbursement Management
  • Expense Management
  • Training & Induction Management
  • Performance Management System (PMS)
  • Recruitment Management
  • Time Sheet Management
  • Travel Request Management
  • Help Desk Management
  • Request Desk Management
  • Visitor Management

Payroll System

A complete salary processing software, from employee joining to Full and Final Settlement.


  • Extensive Employee Information System.
  • Agile Leave, Reimbursement & Loan Management.
  • Unerring Tax Projection & Pay slips automatically emailed to employees ID.
  • Explicit Statutory Compliances like PF, ESIC, PT, MLWF & Income Tax (TDS).
  • Bank Statement for direct salary transfer to individual employee bank account.
  • Proficient Report Writer & Letter Writing tool.
  • Harmonious – Integration with Tally/ ERP*. & attendance machines.
  • Diligent Import module to migrate existing Employee Master Data & historic Salary Data.

Asset Manager

A complete fixed assets management software, from assets acquisition to disposal with depreciation management.


  • Asset Acquisition to Asset Disposal & Write Off.
  • Useful life & additional shift based Depreciation Calculation.
  • Captures comprehensive information including scan document attachments like Purchase Order, Tax Invoice, Delivery Challan, etc.
  • Asset Relocation, Asset Group Transfer & CWIP.
  • FA Schedule & FA Register as per Income Tax Act, Company Act & MNC Act.
  • Tracking of AMC, Warranty, Insurance & Service due.
  • Flexible Report Writer tool for user defined report.
  • Budget tracking Asset Group wise, Location wise, Cost Center wise & Custodian wise.
  • Integration with Accounting software for Depreciation, Profit & Loss JV.
  • Barcode Label or Physical Label generation with tracking of Physical Verification.

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