Tally Partner Appreciation

The concoction of planning, strategizing and of course partnership in align with the vision of the company is the perfect blend to succeed. It’s the sheer passion to perfection that engulfs an individual or an organization to surpass the standards and norms and towards the point of benchmarking its own capabilities. Tally has proven to be a fulcrum for us to grow bend scope.

SSG (Shyam Sundar Goyenka) ran a company which delivered raw materials and machine parts to plants and textile mills in southern and eastern India. He had trouble managing his books of accounts for the to and fro of materials. This led him to being frustrated and a delay. As keeping all this records and sorting them in pen and paper was a complex and fussy ordeal. He searched the stretch of softwares to come up with a solution to manage his books of accounts. Unfortunately for him and fortunately for us he couldn’t come up with a solution. He then asked his son BG Sir (Bharat Goenka) to develop software to handle his accounts. Behold, Tally was born. Formerly known as a “Peutronics Financial Accountant” and later renamed to Tally. This took place in the year 1986 and since then tally has proven to be the best ERP solution across the globe. Now under the leadership of TG sir, Tally has reached the customer acquisition of over a Million customers.

An application so simple and yet so elegant that we have eased the workings and operations of organizations manifolds. Since its implementation, organizations have been built to felicitate Tally to others businesses and literally bring down time and cost to do their operations. We are no different. The tangible change in the company process we create and the intangible attachment by the organizational heads to Tally is phenomenal. This wouldn’t have been possible without our partners. Each and every partner is proud to be a part of this movement.

The evening was magnanimous. 27th May marked a milestone in the lives of each and every partner. It was not just a recognition ceremony but a spark in the inferno created in the field of ERP services.

GST – GST is the new reform which has taken the industry by storm. This is the first time after independence that India has taken up a unified taxation system. This gives us a whole new window to look into. A Pandora’s Box of opportunities has opened up.

Pirated tally ERP’s which accounts for a large number of customers won’t be functional. Hence, they will be compelled to use licensed tally to integrate it with GST. Hence, the users will approach the tally partners for buying licenses. Five times the business can be achieved this year. This opens doors, an opportunity of a lifetime, serving organizations and serve them well and making it worth the effort.